Why had you decide to do this?
I had a tough childhood. My father died when I was 4 years old. My mother was left with 3 children at the age of 3, 4 and 5 years. Moreover, a huge mountain of debts laid on Mamma's back. Many neighbors and nice people helped us to cope with this stroke of fate. I always wanted to give something back to those who are disadvantaged in life and fall through the social net. In 2003 I took part in a lecture about the house in which Mother Teresa died and the street kids of calcutta. I instantly knew I had to go there. After 3 weeks I was alone in the hell of Calcutta.

Can I accompany you once? I would like to go to Kalkutta once, too.
I always drive alone. I work hard there and this quite certainly isn't holiday. I cannot describe the feeling and I cannot tell you what comes up to you.I think everyone feels quite differently. It isn’t simple to be confronted with that misery every day.

Who can I contact if even I would like to go to India?
I’m always ready to help you, but being in India it’s up to you to organize everything at your own.

May I even assume a sponsorship for the “southtyrolian doctors for the world“?
No, we don’t arrange sponsorships. The association “Verein Hilfe für Kinder der Dritten Welt“ in Bolzano takes care of sponsorshipments.

Is it sure that my help reaches in India?
Our organization takes care of an economical use of the finanzial means. Since years we have been in the possession oft he security-seal „donate secure“. We garant that your very worthful donation reaches the poorest of the poor.